3 Reasons to Outsource Your Billing with OSG in 2018

Outsourcing your transactional communications can have a powerful effect on your business and its bottom line, whether you opt for an EBPP solution or traditional print and mail. Here are three specific reasons to do it. Free up your employees’ time. Billing can be a complex process. Using a single-source provider for all your billing …

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Communicating Across All Channels

Communicating Across All Channels The average person is exposed to over 3,000 messages per day—or more than 90,000 messages per month—and those messages are coming through a multitude of channels. The good news is that even in today’s competitive marketplace, transactional documents are opened and read 95% of the time, with the longest “read” time …

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Marketing to the Generations

Customer communications is a tricky business. There is no “one size fits all” approach to servicing customers and that includes the art and science of communication. To truly connect with consumers, being aware of the distinct decision-making behaviors among different age demographics makes all the difference. Studies show that marketing preferences vary tremendously across the …

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