Words of Women - Part 1

Words of Women

September 22nd marked the 37th American Women’s Business Day, a celebration to honor, support and generally admire the women driving and thriving in business.

B2B Automation

Next Stop: Automation Station

OSG’s B2B Automation is a customizable, scalable solution for both Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable processes. Leveraging the integrated automation capabilities streamlines cross-company functionality, enhancing your communication, visibility and operating efficiency between you and your trading partners.

E is for eBilling

E is for eBilling

OSG eBilling delivers a comprehensive digital alternative to paper. Working in conjunction with OSG’s B2B and B2C payments, eBilling streamlines the entire billing process – offering your customers a one-stop-shop for receipt, review and payment.

Opti is the New Omni

Optichannel communication utilizes the overarching framework of omnichannel but propels it further by anticipating which channel will be the most favorable – or optimal – to the customer at any given time.

Back to the Future of Payments

OSG B2C Payment solution seamlessly integrates within both the transactional communication spectrum and your overall customer engagement strategy, presenting new opportunities to connect and communicate with your digital customers.

Employee Spotlight: Steve Dubner

“The reality is, a project is successful when users use the solutions. No need for extensive user guides, because it is so intuitive, it’s quick to get to and makes their lives easier. “

Make Your Bill Work for You

Integrating OSG Dynamic Messaging with your bills and invoices provides you with the perfect chance to open a door of communication every month.

Customer Journey: Reconnect

The Customer Journey, Part 6: Reactivate

Losing a customer can happen for a variety of reasons. Whether it was a price increase or a negative experience with your brand, that customer made the executive decision to cut ties, but that does not mean your customer is lost for good.

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