OSG Marketing Services: Calendar Inserts

Calendar inserts are a great way to kick off your lifecycle marketing initiative. You can increase your customer touch points and show your loyal customers a little appreciation by sending them a calendar for next year. Fully utilize your invoice and statement package and maximize your marketing dollars by customizing your calendar inserts to incorporate your brand …

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Mobile Marketing: The QR Question

You may have noticed Quick Response (QR) codes popping up everywhere these days. These two-dimensional barcodes are the most recent mobile trend merging online and offline experiences for consumers. QR codes have been a prominent tool with marketers. You can incorporate this trend easily into your invoice package by printing a QR code on your …

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Scratch-Off Cards

Scratch-Off Cards… There’s something oddly addictive about them. You may not be the type to go out and buy one but you’ll probably scratch one off if you were given one. Add a scratch-and-win promotion to your invoice and statement package to add a fun and interactive component to your invoice. The prize under the …

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Marketing to the Generations

Customer communications is a tricky business. There is no “one size fits all” approach to servicing customers and that includes the art and science of communication. To truly connect with consumers, being aware of the distinct decision-making behaviors among different age demographics makes all the difference. Studies show that marketing preferences vary tremendously across the …

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