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Your Customers Are Mobile, Why Aren’t You?

With the number of smartphone users increasing indefinitely, reaching your customer base should be as easy as downloading an app.


If You Build It, Millennials Will Come

Like generations before them, Millennials’ needs and expectations when interacting with brands are vast and varied. Understanding exactly how to target this generation is the key to increasing your Millennial customer base. 

How to Create Stand-Out Customer Messages

How do you make your message stand out amongst the hordes of others? We’ve put together a few simple tricks designed to help your message grab—and keep—the attention of the reader.

3 Effective Incentives for the Switch to E-Billing

How do you get someone perfectly satisfied with their service to switch from paper bills to e-billing? You incentivize, and those incentives must be good.

How to Reach Customers Quickly Using One Program

When you’re trying to reach customers with an important message, time is of the essence. A self-service program that simplifies the process is key to streamlining communication. OSG Letter Composer is just that. Using an online composition tool, you can customize and edit customer letters, regulatory notices, collection letters, and other personalized communications. Because you’re …

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3 Marketing Tips for Bills and Invoices

With data showing that transactional documents are increasingly being used as promotional tools, it’s a good time to revisit some basic marketing practices. Here are some insights straight from the OSG Creative Studio. Make your message strategic. We’ve mentioned before how important it is to use data to create dynamic messages. When you have real …

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3 Reasons to Outsource Your Billing with OSG in 2018

Outsourcing your transactional communications can have a powerful effect on your business and its bottom line, whether you opt for an EBPP solution or traditional print and mail. Here are three specific reasons to do it. Free up your employees’ time. Billing can be a complex process. Using a single-source provider for all your billing …

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Have a Last-Minute Message for a Customer? Try This.

OSG Campaign Composer is a data-driven application that’s perfect for customizing targeted and timely messages.

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