B2B Automation

Next Stop: Automation Station

Take a walk down to your accounting department and you’re guaranteed to see a team of people handling incoming bills, outgoing bills, invoice payments and check deposits. It’s an AR/AP story as old as time– and one that needs a new ending.

OSG’s B2B Automation is a customizable, scalable solution for both Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable processes. Leveraging the integrated automation capabilities streamlines cross-company functionality, enhancing your communication, visibility and operating efficiency between you and your trading partners.

Operation Transformation

As the great business mentor Charlie Chaplin taught us, in order for any operation to run efficiently, every cog in the wheel must align seamlessly. One missed step or wrong turn and the entire system falls apart. Automating a traditionally paper-based system allows both you and your trading partners to effectively manage the entire process, avoiding costly errors and time-wasting procedures. Importing all AR/AP documentation into a standard, searchable format eliminates confusion by creating one access point for every step of the process, while key integration with both your ERP and payment processors rounds out the system to create true end-to-end efficiency.

Visibility Mobility

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a clear picture of your AP and AR processes is worth even more. By integrating workflow management capabilities and sophisticated reporting tools, OSG B2B Automation gives you and your trading partners a holistic view of the process, resulting in up-to-date strategic decision-making and enhanced operations.

Now that’s a good view.

Communication Application

Picture this: Your conversation starts in a text, transitions to a phone call, gets into more detail over a messenger app, only to end up back in the original text chain. Sound familiar? What should be an easy conversation becomes convoluted and impossible to follow. The same can be said for your AR and AP processes and communications. With so many bills, papers and payments being sent back and forth, the communication simply gets lost.

Now picture this: one portal to approve, dispute and adjust invoices and make your payments. Suddenly, the conversation just got easy. 

Rhyming aside, the AR/AP landscape is a complex network of bills and payments funneling between you and your trading partners, oftentimes demanding time, money and resources beyond existing capabilities.

The solution: automation.

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