Make Your Bill Work for You

Consider this: Every month you send your customer a bill. They open it, read it, pay it promptly and move on — month after month, the cycle is repeated. Seems like a waste to consistently be contacting your customers through their bill without actually connecting, doesn’t it?

Integrating OSG Dynamic Messaging with your bills and invoices provides you with the perfect chance to open a door of communication every month. Whether you are promoting a new product, cross-selling a supplementary service or simply providing relevant information, adding a customized message improves the efficiency of the statement and allows you to reach your customers without the hassle of sending a separate email or letter.

Not only does Dynamic Messaging allow you to send targeted messages to your customers each month, but it also gives you complete control over the look and feel of the design. Adding in full color images, personalized fonts and branded content ensures the message will grab your customer’s attention and keep it.

Every month is a new opportunity; don’t waste the chance to dynamically transform your bill into a unique communication channel.

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