Customer Journey - Convert

The Customer Journey, Part 3: Convert

It’s the home stretch, the final inning, the last ten yards. At this stage of the customer journey, the customer has become aware of their pain points, researched brands and narrowed down to a select few from which to choose. Converting them from potential customer into a full-fledged, bought-and-enjoying-the-product customer is the final hurdle.

From the consumer perspective, it is at this stage that a final decision is made. From the brand perspective, however, converting a new customer takes consistent, positive engagement, personalized attention and illumination as to how your product is the best to solution for the customer’s pain points.

The key to successfully converting a new customer is understanding what drives that customer and engaging them with your product or service from there. While you may have a select number of products or services, your customers have many reasons to need that product. Customer data and previous interactions can help to create an image of each customer and their current driving forces. This holistic view of actions and motivations enables you to send personalized messages.

Communication can make or break the transition from prospect to customer. Whether it’s a text, an email or a direct mail piece, sending a customer a personalized message emphasizes that you care about their specific needs and their reason to interact with your brand. OSG Email Marketing allows you to engage your audience through personalized, targeted email campaigns. Audience segmentation and message customization ensures each email being sent out resonates with your customers and drives them towards making the final purchase decision. Remember, in the end, it is the customer’s decision, but it is up to you to demonstrate why your product is the one they need.

It’s time to cross that final hurdle and convert the prospect into a customer.

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