How We Offer the Best Customer Communication Services (Inside and Out)

As a leader in customer communication management services, we try to move the ball forward when it comes to all forms of critical communication. That means creating new solutions for our clients and improving our own internal strategies. We’re excited about a couple of new changes we have in the works.

Our team is currently in the process of transferring to the WhatCounts email platform. This platform is a more personalized email program that allows for enhanced designs and optimization. (Translation:  Looks better, gets results.) This transfer is one way we hope to communicate more fluidly with our clients and customers.

We’ll also soon unveil details on a new OSG Healthcare eBill. We’ve been offering healthcare providers innovative billing and communication solutions for 25 years, and our goal with this new approach is to present an option that offers even greater security and flexibility—for patient and provider.

What’s central to both things—and all the changes we make—is using technology in a way that keeps the people on both sides in mind. Does it improve customer experience? Will it lead to an increased ROI? Is it a step to the next great innovation? Like the communication itself, the answers are critical.


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