Give Back and Feel Good

We find ourselves in the season of spreading good will amongst people and kindness to mankind. That makes it the perfect time to start thinking about finding a way that you can get involved and give back to the community you work and possibly live in.

Check with Human Resources and see if they’re already working on a “giving back to the community” activity. If they aren’t, offer to work with them on selecting a cause. See if you can find something that has particular meaning to your staff. For instance, if you have a breast cancer survivor on your staff or the wife of one of your employees is battling the disease, something breast cancer related would be particularly meaningful. Or maybe your office is in an unusually cold part of the country. How about organizing or participating in a coat drive? Who doesn’t have an old coat hanging in the back of the front hall closet that they’ve been meaning to donate but just haven’t found the time to give away? Don’t want to limit yourselves to coats? Open it up to all types of clothing. Or maybe organize a blood drive. And of course, how about a toy drive for underprivileged kids? That’s actually something that we do here at OSG in conjunction with the local fire department.

Not convinced yet that this is something worthwhile? According to Fortune’s study of the “100 Best Companies to Work for,” in 2016 being able to make a social or environmental impact while on the job lets employees feel more satisfied with their jobs. Fifty-five out of the 100 Top Companies to work at promote giving back to the community programs amongst their employees. The study shows that this promotes employee job satisfaction and loyalty to the company. Employees at these companies are four times more likely to stay with the company long term and put in a little extra work when a job needs to get done. Not only does volunteer and charity work promote good will towards your company from the community, it actually boosts morale internally as well.

No matter what you choose, make sure that everyone in the company knows what you’re doing and when and also be sure to let your community know as well. Employees like seeing that their company has a heart. And the community will feel good about having you in their midst and benefitting from your generosity.

What are you waiting for? Go get started.


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