Explore the Potential of Your Invoice

Back in 1492, Christopher Columbus set out to discover a new continent and landed in America. Sometimes you can make great discoveries in the most unlikely of places. You too can be a great explorer and uncover the possibilities within your monthly invoice.

Each month you have the opportunity to include targeted messages to your customers. Using Full Color Dynamic Messaging you can incorporate full color images into your invoice as well as modify fonts and insert bulleted text, which in turn, allows you to create targeted, customized messages for your customers to see when they view your monthly invoice or statement.

This month it might be a Breast Cancer Awareness public service announcement and next month it might be a Thanksgiving discount. Or maybe you have a new product or service you want to let your customers know about. With Full Color Dynamic Messaging you can keep your customers in the know. And a great benefit of this service is that you can change the message from month to month.

You’ve got the tools. Now go ahead and see what great discoveries you can unearth.

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