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Keep in Touch Over the Summer with a Company Newsletter

Summertime is here and with it comes the desire to spend those long lazy afternoons out in the sun. Whether you’re relaxing on your deck, by the pool or oceanside on the beach, a newsletter always provides great reading material. Use your company newsletter to connect with your customers and maybe even garner some new ones. Show your customers that you care to keep them informed by providing insight into what’s happening in your company, answer frequently asked questions and provide general information about your service. You can use your newsletter to share details about new product promotions being introduced into your company.

You can also use your newsletter to drive traffic to your website. With the proper placement of links to topics of interest, your website could become a hub of activity. A newsletter provides you with the unique platform to share more information in one place than just a social media post or a blog. You can expand on topics that are important to your company thereby creating a real bond with your customers. If you do a good job writing your newsletter and captivate your audience effectively, they are more likely to share the newsletter with their friends thus broadening your company’s reach with just the click of a button. A report by Quartz Insights says that 90 percent of people who read their newsletter and like it would share it. This could increase your readership and possibly even your customer base in an instant. So have fun with your newsletter and make it a piece of literature that your readers look forward to reading when lounging out in the sun.

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