Back to School Marketing

Don’t Miss Out on Back to School Season

With school sneaking up on us just around the corner, it is important to get your “back to school” messages out sooner, rather than later. Reynolds Center of the National Center for Business Journalism explains that obviously “back to school” season is lucrative for retailers but interestingly they’re not the only ones who can benefit from students returning to school. “Services that reflect the realities of hectic family life will be revving up, too,” Center explains. Whether or not you’re selling products directly relating to school, the “back-to-school” shopping time period is the second biggest spending season. So why not take advantage of the 24.9 billion dollars in spending that are up for grabs during this season and market your products to your customers with renewed gusto?

It is now easier than ever to disseminate your message because you already send out your monthly invoice which is practically guaranteed to be opened and read by 97 percent of people. You already have a captive audience! This month, compel people to take advantage of your “back-to-school” specials by piquing their interest with Full Color Dynamic Messaging on the invoice itself and then holding their attention by informing them of your exciting promotional programs. Once you know that that envelope is being opened, add some more reading material for your customers that can help both of you. Excite your customers by using inserts to provide your customers with special promotions during this high-spending season. You can use your newsletter to inform your customers of the exciting events and promotions going on during “back-to-school” season. Let your monthly invoice help you help your customers just in time for school.

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