The Do’s and Don’ts of National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month. July is in the middle of the summer, a time when everyone enjoys spending time outdoors with family and friends. Whether it be at the beach or a barbeque, the summer months fill people with the need for human interaction.

As proud observers of National Cell Phone Courtesy Month, we at OSG, recognize the enormous asset that a cell phone can be and we know that there is a proper etiquette associated with using it. Here are five rules to be aware of when engaging in cell phone use during National Cell Phone Courtesy Month.

  1. Even though cell phones provide us the opportunity and ability to stay connected, there are times when we need to put our phones on silent or put them away altogether in order to connect with the people with whom we are physically close to at a particular time. As the well-known campaign goes, “Disconnect to Connect.”
  2. With all of the public sharing that goes on in our lives via social media, it’s important to remember that some things should still be kept private. This means that cell phone conversations containing private or confidential information should be had in more hushed tones or not had in public at all.
  3. Keep in mind that cell phones have the capability to transmit your voices across very far distances by just speaking into the mouthpiece. Yelling into your phone won’t make your message any clearer. Make sure to speak in a normal talking voice when on the phone, the person on the other end can hear you.
  4. Use your phone positively. If you see an emergency, call 911 or any other emergency numbers. According to NENA, The National Emergency Number Association, more than 240 million calls are made to 911 a year, 70 percent of these calls are made from wireless devices.
  5. Practice wireless responsibility while driving. Don’t make or answer calls while in heavy traffic or in hazardous driving conditions. Place calls when your vehicle is not moving, and use a hands-free device to help focus attention on the road and safety. Always make safety your most important call.


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