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June is Effective Communications Month. The way in which you communicate represents you and your company and tells your audience how you perceive yourself. Though June is almost over, take this opportunity to make sure that you are communicating effectively with your customers. According to Vanderbilt University, “The foundation of any relationship, personal or professional, is communication.” Today, communication is possible through all sorts of avenues. People communicate through social media, e-mail, texting and sometimes even talking.

Take your customer communications to the next level with targeted messaging on your monthly invoice or statement. With a 97% open and read rate, your message is virtually guaranteed to be viewed. If you have more to say than fits on the invoice, use an Additional Messaging Page. It can really amp up and strengthen your communications. With this page, the opportunities are endless. You have all the space you could want to promote your product and send some one-on-one messages at the same time. Your customers are almost certainly seeing the messages on your monthly invoice. The Additional Messaging Page arrives in the same envelope as your monthly invoice thereby incurring no extra postal cost to your company.

With these additional messaging opportunities you can reach out to your customers and establish a relationship in a whole new way. Additional Messaging Pages can transform your company communications and help build and maintain stronger relationships with your customers.

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