Recognize Greatness

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali, died last week. The world is now paying tribute to the self-proclaimed “Greatest of All Time.” As we remember him and his challenges and achievements, let’s also learn a lesson. Let’s recognize those people who play a significant role in our lives. Let’s take the time to tell these people just how great they are. They shouldn’t have to do it themselves.

If done correctly, giving an employee a positive response can help boost their morale and their work productivity. According to a article by Paul Petrone, there are three main things to keep in mind when telling an employee, “good job.”

  1. Encourage and notice effort invested rather than focus on skill. Skill is great but when it is lauded too highly, people tend to invest less effort.
  2. Remember that recognition is not the same thing as monetary rewards. Yes, people appreciate bonuses but you don’t want it to become all about the money. People want a job where they feel appreciated, not one where they’re in constant competition for cash rewards.
  3. Be consistent. If you are going to compliment an employee when it is warranted, it is important to remain consistent and give constructive criticism when necessary as well. You don’t want the compliments to become routine and therefore become meaningless.

You can also write the employee a note or give your employee a shout out in the company newsletter or blog. Positive feedback always provides a hardworking employee with a boost that can increase productivity, so make sure to show your employees that they really are “the greatest.”


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