Full Color Dynamic Messaging

Use Your Super Power to Unlock Your Invoice’s Potential

You may not be Clark Kent or a Marvel Super Hero, but you do have a secret super power at your fingertips that can transform your monthly invoice into a powerful marketing and communication tool. What is this secret weapon? Full Color Dynamic Messaging.

Full Color Dynamic Messaging allows you to incorporate full color images into your invoice as well as modify fonts and insert bulleted text, which in turn, allows you to create targeted, customized messages for your customers to see when they view your monthly invoice or statement.

Each month you have the opportunity to include targeted messages to your customers. This month it might be a Breast Cancer Awareness public service announcement and next month it might be a Thanksgiving discount. Or maybe you have a new product or service you want to let your customers know about. With Full Color Dynamic Messaging you can keep your customers in the know. And a great benefit of this service is that you can change the message from month to month.

Did you know that used strategically throughout an invoice or statement package, whether electronic or print, color is proven to help customers find critical information, encourage action and identify your brand?

You’ve got the tools. Now go ahead and become the super hero you always dreamed you could be.

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