Connect With Your Customers Through Your Invoice Even in the Summer

The dog days of summer are here…but you can still engage customers through your invoice.

In a summer marketing slump and concerned about spending your tight marketing dollars when everyone is on vacation and unplugged? It’s true, the lazy days of summer are definitely here, but now is still a good time to foster your customer relationships and start prepping them for your fall promotions. While customers may be basking in the sun and dipping their toes in the ocean, they are also still paying their bills. So don’t forget your invoice has a 97% open and read rate and it’s the perfect tool to stay in touch with your customers. Your invoice package is an excellent vehicle to reinforce your branding, cross-sell or up-sell new products or services, announce a sale or promotion or just offer some summer safety tips.

If you’ve never really taken advantage of your invoice as a TransPromo tool, summer is also a great time to think about  enhancing your message throughout the invoice or statement package. Try full color messaging on your envelope, or add an insert for cost-effective marketing that offers maximum impact – in any season.

Enjoy the warm weather and be sure to share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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