Five Design Tips and Tricks for Creating Your Best Invoice/Statement Package

Everyone wants their invoice/statement package to look its best. That’s why we asked our in-house expert, Graphic Designer Ashley Sherrow, for some inside tips that will help make your invoice/statement package stand out.

1. Even if you are taking advantage of printing in full color, you don’t have to use every color in the rainbow. Start with a few colors that work well together and then move on to gradients of the  colors. You’ll be amazed at the effect.

2. White space is your friend. Many people feel that they need to fill up all the space on the page with copy or graphics. But a little white space goes a long way. It can help messages stand out and make them easier to read.

3. Fonts matter. Avoid using excessively large, bold fonts for headlines and body copy. That’s so 1986. Also, don’t use lots of different fonts. Choose one or two that work well together but are different enough from one another not to look like the same font.

4. Avoid using images with dark backgrounds and gradients. Trust us on this. They won’t print well and won’t represent you in a good light.

5. Once you’ve produced a colorful, attractive piece that you’re proud of, be sure to give it a final review to make sure you’ve caught any potential grammar or spelling mistakes. Spending a few extra minutes proofreading the copy and graphics one more time could save you a lot of time and money later if a mistake gets past you.

Remember, the OSG Creative Studio is always available to assist you with your graphics needs.


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