Color Your Customer Communications

Each month you have the opportunity to turn your customer communications into a vibrant memorable experience. And each month you have your customers’ attention as they open and read your monthly communications.

Are you taking full advantage of the color opportunities in your invoice/statement package? From the mailing envelope to the invoice/statement itself to any additional message pages or inserts, you have the ability to use color to draw attention to important information. Use color for dynamic messaging, full color envelope messaging or colorful inserts.

According to Xerox Corporation, color increases readers’ attention span by 82 percent. It also improves reading comprehension by 73 percent. And a recent Pitney Bowes study found that 69 percent of the study participants were more likely to open an envelope with color or graphics on the front than those without.

Make sure you are maximizing the potential of your customer communication interactions each month. Not sure how to get started? The OSG Creative Studio is always available to assist

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