USPS To Raise Postal Rates May 31


Even though we managed to avoid a postage increase this past January and again in April, when the calendar turns to May 31 later this month, we will see a postage increase that overall averages 1.99% but that will be as high as 2.5% in some categories.

What will be affected? All Presort Single Piece Letter-Size mail, Single Piece Cards, flats and boxes. The only two things that we will not see an increase on are the single First-Class postage stamp, currently at $.49, and Priority Mail pricing.

Why are we seeing an increase? The United Postal Service (USPS) is allowed to request an annual increase based upon the Consumer Price Index and says that the reason for this increase is to adjust for inflation.

To see how the rates have changed, visit the USPS section of our website at



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