The Power of Full Color Dynamic Messaging

Last week we spoke about Full Color Envelope Messaging. This week let’s take a look inside the envelope and see how Full Color Dynamic Messaging can have an impact on your invoice or statement.

Full Color Dynamic Messaging is a great way to insert a targeted, customized message on the first page of the invoice or statement that your customers will see as soon as they open or view their bill. Think about that. You have their attention so why not promote a new product, provide information about a change in service or alert them to a special offer? And each month you can change the message so that it’s timely and/or seasonal.

Did you know that used strategically throughout an invoice or statement package, whether electronic or print, color is proven to help customers find critical information, encourage action and identify your brand?

With Full Color Dynamic Messaging you can transform your ordinary invoice or statement into highly-customized customer touchpoints, making your invoice or statement package a powerful marketing and communication tool.

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