Five Ways Full Color Envelope Messaging Can Work for You

You spend time making sure that your invoice or statement has all the right information and messaging included, but do you ever spend time thinking about the envelope it’s mailed out in? If you answered no, you might want to rethink that. The envelope is actually an important component of the whole invoice/statement package and you should keep that in mind when designing the entire package.

Think of the envelope as your knock on the door. And when you print full color messages on the outer envelope, your customers are encouraged to open your envelope first from all the other mail. In fact, a recent Pitney Bowes study found that 69 percent of the study participants were more likely to open an envelope with color or graphics on the front than those without.

Take advantage of this opportunity to share relevant and timely communication with your customers through a cohesive invoice or statement package. Your envelope message reinforces your communication inside the envelope helping to boost your cross-selling and up-selling potential and maximize your marketing efforts.

So what are the benefits of using Full Color Envelope Messaging?

  1. Encourages your customer to open the envelope
  2. Boosts cross-selling and up-selling potential
  3. Increases brand familiarity
  4. Alerts, educates and motivates customers
  5. Reinforces your other messages

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