Are You Sending the Right Message?

It’s the end of the month again. And that means invoices and bills will soon be arriving via a multitude of channels.

Did you know that even though we are all exposed to thousands of marketing messages a month, transactional documents still have a 97% open and read rate? That’s according to InfoTrends and that’s pretty impressive. Think about it, you have a unique opportunity to communicate with your customers once a month with a message specifically tailored to them. Are you taking full advantage? There are different ways you can position your message. You can reinforce your branding, cross-sell or up-sell new products or services, announce a spring sale or promotion or just offer some fire safety tips.

In today’s competitive environment, it’s more critical than ever that every piece of customer communication you send is engaging and impactful. If you’ve never really taken advantage of your invoice as a TransPromo tool, now is also a great time to think about enhancing your message throughout the invoice or statement package. Try full color messaging on your envelope, or add an insert for cost-effective marketing that offers maximum impact.

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