Take Advantage of the Madness with Three Easy Tips

It’s March and this Sunday is Selection Sunday. That can only mean one thing—Tourney Time is almost here. According to a study by employment consulting firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas, nearly 2.5 million people devote over an hour of each workday to following the NCAA Tournament. Clearly it’s hard to think about work when you’re tracking your different teams’ progress. To help out your productivity in the next few weeks, we’ve pulled together three easy ways for you to maximize the effectiveness of your invoice or statement package.

1. Add a Full Color Dynamic Message to your invoice or statement. Your readers are already looking at your invoice statement. Why not add a message unique to them on the invoice as well? A recent Pitney Bowes study found that color increases reader’s attention by 82 percent.

2. Speaking of color, are you taking advantage of Full Color Envelope Messaging? That same Pitney Bowes study found that 69 percent of the study participants were more likely to open an envelope with color or graphics on the front than those without. Take a look at your envelopes and see if they could use a splash of color.

3. Add an insert to your next invoice or statement package mailing. They fit easily into your mailing and provide cost-effective one-to-one marketing to your customer base. Don’t have one? Not to worry, the OSG Creative Studio can design one for you.

By implementing some or all of these ideas you can end up being the winning team and enjoy a championship season.

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