Scratch-Off Cards Make Invoices/Statements Interactive

Last week the Powerball lottery jackpot was worth over half-a-million dollars. While the odds of winning it were pretty slim, millions of Americans flocked to their local markets to purchase tickets. That’s because everyone wants to believe they can win. So why not take advantage of that sentiment and use Scratch-Off cards with your invoice or statement package? They’re a great way to engage your customers.

By adding a scratch-and-win promotion to your invoice or statement package, you make it more interactive and a lot more fun. The prize can be whatever you want it to be—a discount on a future order, a credit, a free accessory or even a free ice cream cone. Scratch-off cards are also a great way to promote products and services in a creative way while increasing customer interaction.

Scratch-Off cards are a unique way to drive traffic to your retail locations, website or call centers and help increase sales and build brand awareness. These inserts fit right into your invoice package and are memorable for your customer.

The OSG Creative Studio is available to help you with designing, producing and mailing an engaging and effective Scratch-Off card campaign. Contact your Account Manager for more details.

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