Three Reasons to Launch a Lifecycle Marketing Campaign

The calendar can be a great source of inspiration for a Lifecycle Marketing Campaign. Take a look at the week we’re in right now: Friday the 13th is tomorrow, Valentine’s Day is Saturday and President’s Day is Monday. Each one of these holidays/observances can lend itself to some type of marketing communication, or at the very least, a reason to get in touch with your customers. Here are three reasons it’s important to launch or maintain a Lifecycle Marketing Campaign.

  1. Every time you send an invoice or bill to your customer, you’ve opened the door to a one-on-one conversation. Take advantage of it. Transactional documents are open and read 97% of the time according to InfoTrends. That makes your monthly invoice or statement the perfect place to include a targeted message because it’s almost guaranteed to be read.
  2. It’s easy. Simply put it’s delivering the right message, at the right time, through the right channel, to the right customer. But you think you’re too small a company to implement or maintain a Lifecycle Marketing Campaign?  No you’re not. All it takes is some time and effort and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll get in return.
  3. You already have these customers on board. You want to keep them, right? Use the calendar as a way to stay in touch with them throughout the year. Valentine’s Day is coming. Offer them a sweetheart of a deal. Or a Presidents’ Day sale. Or pick any upcoming holiday and make it a reason to celebrate. Don’t feel like using the calendar. How about sending out a survey to get customer input? Since part of the reason you’re staying in touch is to keep them, it’s good to know how they feel about your company and if you’re meeting their expectations.

From welcome postcards to calendar inserts to win-back programs, lifecycle marketing can help you grow and nurture long-term relationships with your customers.

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