Three Benefits to a Company Newsletter

Do you think that in this day and age of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that a company newsletter is no longer a relevant communications vehicle? Think again. You don’t necessarily have to print the newsletter, although many companies still do, but a company newsletter is a great way to share timely, relevant information with your customers on a consistent basis and help build customer loyalty. Here are three benefits to producing a company newsletter:

  1. Establish Recognition. Establishing your brand is powerful. The regular delivery of your newsletter will help your customers develop a strong sense of your brand and they will look forward to receiving the next issue. Your newsletter is a simple and effective marketing tool that is ideal for spreading information to your audience. Use it to announce a new product, promotional discounts or just send a season’s greeting.
  2. Increase Website Traffic. Your newsletter is the perfect vehicle to drive traffic to your website. With the proper use of content and links within your newsletter, customers can quickly and easily access your website which helps further establish your brand. A company newsletter is also a subtle reminder to those customers who may have lost touch with your business.
  3. Educate Your Target Audience. As a valuable source of information for your customers, your company newsletter can update them on the latest happenings within your company, answer frequently asked questions (FAQ’s), include store hours and contact information or further explain a service plan.

Does your company produce a newsletter? Is it print, electronic or both?

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