Five Reasons Transpromo Can Make a Big Impact Today

“Transpromo.” Taken from “transactional” and “promotional,” transpromo is a strategic technique that integrates marketing messages with invoices and statements you already mail out. But “transpromo” can be anything you want it to be – not just sales promotions.  It can be a valuable marketing tool that can make a big impact.

Here’s why:

1. Adds value to your customer communication – With the average consumer encountering over 3,000 marketing messages a day, but only 12 transactional documents per year, the monthly invoice or statement is the ideal vehicle for reaching customers with important information that can help generate revenue, reduce costs and diminish churn while increasing customer loyalty.

2. Targeted marketing gives you more bang for your buck – Transpromo gives you the ability to utilize one-to-one marketing messages. By targeting specific recipients for messages, the marketing power of your invoice is increased significantly.

3. Full color printing technology – Today’s printing technology allows us to print full color like never before and more cost effectively.  The appealing value of color is that it helps draw attention to your marketing messages better than black and white ever could.

4. Budgets are still tight – Your marketing department still didn’t get the memo that the recession is over? Businesses are spending again but the past economic troubles have left some moving at a much more cautious pace.

5. Builds your brand – Your brand is the essence of your company. Use transpromo to create a branded invoice for instant recognition and to build customer loyalty.

When combined with other customer touchpoints, including your envelope and inserts, transpromo messaging is a highly effective way to ensure customers are receiving and processing a company’s intended message. With so many positive outcomes and such an easy integration into an already existing document, Transpromo is clearly a valuable customer communication strategy.

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