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How many marketing messages do you think you’re exposed to on a daily basis? Would you think we were exaggerating if we said over 3,000? What if we told you that that adds up to more than 90,000 messages per month? It’s true, and those messages are coming through a multitude of channels. In today’s competitive environment, it’s more critical than ever that every piece of customer communication you send is engaging and impactful. That’s why the OSG Creative Team is available to help you in producing a stream of relevant and timely customer communications.

People Love Getting Mail … Really!

With customers receiving so many messages, direct mail is a great opportunity for you to get personal and have a one-to-one conversation with them. According to Paul Vogel, President, Mailing and Shipping Services, U.S. Postal Service®, 79 percent of all households read or at least scan the direct mail they receive. Further, he says even young adults prefer to receive offers through the mail—not through email or texting. So we see that direct mail can actually be a better way to connect with customers than email. By placing your mail in their hands, you’ve established a connection. Now put your best foot forward and get your customers’ attention.

Let the OSG Creative Team Help

Interested in sending out postcards, flyers, brochures, newsletters or other promotional items as part of a direct mail campaign? OSG can print these items quickly and mail them to your target audience, allowing you to be timely and relevant.

Not quite sure what to do or how to begin? From a postcard to a letter to a lifecycle marketing campaign, the OSG Creative Team can assist you. Our talented team of marketers, writers and graphic designers can inspire you to not just promote your products and services, but also sell your brand, your vision and your business philosophy.

It Can be as Simple as a Letter

Here’s another idea. If you’re looking for a quick approach to communicate important messages to your customers, look no further than OSG’s Letter Application Program. You can easily distribute a letter to your customers for single usage or for a multiple-letter campaign. This effective tool can meet your specific, ever-changing needs in just a matter of days. Call your marketing services representative today to learn how direct mail can support your efforts.

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