Year: 2014

New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

It’s that time of year again. Many of us are looking forward to starting off 2015 with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and purpose. If you are thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions, why not add a few resolutions for the workplace too? They don’t have to be grandiose, like overhauling your company’s entire technology …

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Make the Time to Say Thank You

It’s something we all learned early on in life. Always say thank you when someone gives you something or does something for you. They’re two simple words yet so often not said. But when they are, what an impact they can have. The converse is also true: when not said, they can most definitely have …

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Time to Give Back

It’s mid-November, the end of the year is in sight and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Before you start sending out holiday cards and updating your New Year’s Resolutions, stop and ask yourself, has your company selected a holiday community project yet? Not Secret Santa, you’ve got time for that. No, we’re serious and …

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Let Your Fear Inspire You

Fear. Something that can immobilize even the most courageous of us. We all have something the scares us. It might be fear of the unknown, or fear of flying, or fear of public speaking or fear of failure. But it doesn’t mean we stop in our tracks. Though a four-letter word, sometimes fear is not …

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