Take 5 Interview with Michelle Shinholster, OSG’s HR Generalist (Part 2)


Today we are following up with the second part of our interview with Michelle Shinholster, OSG’s HR Generalist. Michelle has taken some time to share some of her thoughts and tips on the OSG annual give back campaigns.

3. There are so many ways to give back, how do you decide what organizations to support?
From OSG’s perspective, we’ve seemed to naturally focus on supporting causes that directly impact our employees. I’ve had breast cancer, and many of our staff has friends and family who battle the disease as well. Because it’s such a personal cause there is a real passion within the company for finding a cure!

Giving back to the local communities where we live and work is also important. With our annual toy drive, we have actually gone to help hand out the toys. Seeing the smiles on those kids’ faces is what giving back is all about. Helping to find a cure for a life-threatening disease, taking part in community events, these things have become a part of the OSG culture.

4. What benefits have you seen at OSG?
In my experience, people really want to get involved but don’t always know how or they are just too busy. The OSG annual give back campaigns give our employees opportunities to make a difference in someone else’s life and they create a positive environment within the walls of OSG. Plus, they’re something that everyone in the company enjoys from the executives to the operations staff. They’re a great way to unite the OSG team.

5. What tips do you have for companies that want to start working with their community?
Try and get everyone involved from the beginning and make it fun. And, like I mentioned before, make it relevant to your company! There are so many opportunities for companies to get involved. It’s a great bonding experience and the feeling of helping others is so rewarding. It truly is better to give than to receive.

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