Giving Back and Feeling Good

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The year is coming to an end and your company wants to do something to give back to the community. Great idea. Many companies find that by getting involved with a cause, especially during the holidays, employees feel good about themselves and even better about the company they work for. It’s good to know that the place you spend the better part of each day has a heart and cares about the community it’s based in.

If your company hasn’t already done so, it’s not too late to participate in some type of community activity. Organize a toy drive for underprivileged kids in your community. (That’s what we do at OSG.) Organize an end-of-year blood drive to help keep the blood banks stocked during the holidays. Or designate a charity that has particular meaning to the company and support their cause.

There is no right or wrong choice, so don’t worry if you’ve made the right decision. Whatever you do decide to do, make sure everyone in the company knows about it so they have the opportunity to participate. And be sure to let your community know that you are giving back to the community. Just because you’re being charitable doesn’t mean you can’t still self-promote.

Good luck from your friends at OSG.

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