What Scares You?

Halloween 2013

What Scares You?

The idea of a failing customer communications program can be frightening.  Business today moves at an accelerated pace.  You only have a moment to get your customer’s attention and multiple mailings can be costly and end up turning customers off.

Research shows that regular and consistent customer communication programs help build loyalty and trust.  But with average person being exposed to over 3,000 messages daily, how can you create an effective program using integrated communications that engages customers along several key touchpoints?  Here are few options to ensure your program is comprehensive enough to meet your customer communication goals:

  • Electronic MessagingCreating branded e-mail blasts and newsletters will help you utilize the customer data you already have and turn it into a powerful marketing tool.  Additionally, an online, dynamic electronic billing portal gives you the opportunity to engage your customers where they likely spend a majority of their time: online.
  • Dynamic Full Color Print Messaging Enhancing invoices and member statements with targeted, customized messaging can transform them into a powerful marketing and communications tool during every billing cycle.  Up-sell and cross-sell products and services using the valuable ‘real estate’ already available on your monthly invoices and statements.
  • Lifecycle MarketingImplementing programs like scratch-off, welcome, win-back and new member programs, calendar inserts and other types of promotional programs are turn-key solutions that help you improve customer retention and take advantage of events throughout the year.
  • Envelope MessagingMaking a good first impression is one of the most important aspects of any communications campaign.  Immediately engage and capture your customer’s attention with full color messages on the outer envelope that will highlight and reinforce the messaging inside.

So, have no fear.  Dynamic, integrated and creative customer communications programs are easier to implement than you think.   Working with the an experienced provider, you can seamlessly integrate your statement and billing processing into a communications program that helps capture attention, drive revenue, create customer loyalty and increase brand awareness.

Happy Halloween from OSG!

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