Take 5 Interview: Shannon Seastead, Director of Marketing and Communications (Part 2)

Take 5 Interview: Behind the Scenes of OSG’s Rebranding (Part 2)

Today we are following up with the second part of our interview with Shannon Seastead, OSG’s Director of Marketing and Communications. Shannon led our recent rebranding efforts and has taken some time to share some of her inside experience with us.

What does your branding mean to your customers?

We know our customers put a lot of trust and faith into the work we do for them. It’s important that our brand instantly captures that sense of security while also showcasing the technical side of the business that is so critical today. That’s why it’s important that our brand is instantly recognizable, yet streamlined and modern. Our brand speaks directly to our customers about our ongoing transformation as a technology-driven company that remains focused on its people, products, processes, and most of all, its clients.

 What are your branding goals for the future?

No matter how you look at it, our industry and how we interact with customers will continue to change. As a company, OSG is set to stay ahead of the curve to meet our customers’ demands. My goal is to make sure that our branding continuously reflects our drive and determination to provide the best possible solutions.


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