Take 5 Interview: Shannon Seastead, Director of Marketing and Communications (Part 1)

Take 5 Interview: Behind the Scenes of OSG’s Rebranding

Like most companies, OSG has changed quite a bit over the past few years as technology and business needs have changed. Once we really embraced how far we had come, it was clear that our branding was no longer a true reflection of OSG. This week we caught up with Shannon Seastead, our Director of Marketing and Communications to learn a bit more about what went into our recent rebranding. We are posting part 1 today and will be back tomorrow with part 2.

What was behind OSG’s decision to rebrand?

The past few years at OSG have been really exciting. We have new leadership, new technology and a broader concept of our role in helping our clients communicate with their customers. As a company, we have gone through such a great transformation and it was increasingly evident that our branding didn’t properly reflect the energy and enthusiasm that defines the company today.

What were your goals in rebranding?

Our new branding was done 100% in-house, which was such a great experience. Because the marketing team has been an integral part of all of the changes OSG has gone through in the past few years, it was really important for us that the branding effectively capture the culture and corporate vision of the company. From there we wanted to ensure our message was unified throughout our touchpoints to establish a strong sense of consistency and recognition.

How has the branding changed to capture the new OSG?

We examined all of the ways our brand spoke to our audience and made some big changes. One of the biggest updates was to our color palette. We livened up the dark muted tones with bright fresh colors that we felt better showed our true spirit. There is so much energy in the company right now. We wanted our brand to reflect our commitment to staying current and relevant. I think the new colors, imagery and content showcase that.

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