Let’s Talk Tradeshows

Let’s Talk Tradeshows

airplane artLeaving on a Jet Plane?

It’s that time of year again and many of us are hitting the tradeshow circuit in hopes of forming new relationships and securing untapped business. With every exchange of business cards and meetings with new clients, you have an opportunity to make a great first impression. The tradeshow is the perfect venue to show off your branding and share what’s new about your business.

Booth and Display

You have approximately three seconds to get people’s attention as they walk by your booth. Is your booth and display in good condition? Does it accurately reflect your brand? Your booth represents your company so make sure your technology is up to date. For example, showing a demo on a slow laptop may give the wrong impression that your business doesn’t invest in technology.


Good comprehensive branding includes your printed and online communications. Make sure all of your content is branded and uses a consistent tone. From your business cards to your marketing collateral, everything you create should have the same look and feel.

Dress for Success

Your tradeshow attire is your first chance to make a lasting impression with customers and prospects. Make sure you look professional, yet approachable and your logo should be visible so no one is guessing which company you are with.

Take advantage of tradeshows and opportunities they present. From your wardrobe to your booth and everything in between, tradeshows are a perfect arena to showcase your brand.

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