Customer Billing 101 – Part 3

Customer Billing 101 – Part 3

smartphoneWe’ve been discussing using your invoice as one way to improve the customer experience. These days, your customers demand the latest services and newest technologies. And using mobile devices has become the fastest way to pay bills online. Customers cite saving time, providing anytime access and on-the-go convenience as their top reasons to use them.

Mobile-Optimized Website

Using a responsive design, viewing your mobile-optimized website on a tablet or smartphone is easy and enjoyable. Purposely built to be viewed on a smaller device, a mobile-optimized website gives you the full content of your website but in a condensed, highly-functional manner. Not meant as a replacement, it nicely complements your main website. Customers can not only pay their bill on your mobile-optimized website, they can find out other information about your company which builds your brand and boosts cross-selling and up-selling potential.

Mobile Billing Apps

Mobile apps offer one-stop convenience. But your mobile app is not an exact replica of your electronic billing platform and offers less content. Different rules and design criteria apply to mobile apps to give customers all of the information they need in an easy-to-read format. As a super-condensed version of your electronic billing, it simply cannot contain all of the same information. Therefore you need to make excellent use of the space provided. Use your branding and make sure you show your customers that they are securely logging on to your server. Limit the amount of scrolling and page turning to make sure they see the most important information the first time around. Customers want to see how much they owe, when it’s due and quickly pay their bill.

Whether your customers prefer to receive their invoice through the mail or electronically, improve the customer experience with a well-designed invoice. Your customers appreciate an invoice that is clear, correct, concise, user-friendly and delivered on time – no matter how it’s viewed.

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