Customer Billing 101 – Part 2

Customer Billing 101 – Part 2OSG Billing Services

Last week, we talked about using your invoice as one way to improve the customer experience. Whether your customers prefer tried and true paper bills or they want the flexibility of electronic billing presentment and payment (EBPP), your invoice needs to be easy to access, read and understand. When it comes to the customer experience, privacy and security are top concerns. If you lose their trust, you may possibly their business.


When improving the customer experience through electronic billing, you need to consider how your customer receives your email notification and accesses your customer portal and website. Starting with the email notification, your customers must feel confident that your email is legitimate. Use your branding to reassure customers that your email notification and link to your billing portal is authentic.


Once they access your electronic billing portal, again use your branding to convey authenticity. With security as a top priority, share your platform with your customers. Educate them about your secure server and that passwords, account numbers and credit card information are encrypted. Creating a secure channel over an insecure network is imperative when customers are sharing private information online. For payment security, let them know that their credit card numbers are not stored on their computer or mobile device. Display your Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance to show you follow industry standards for secure online payments.

Ease of Use

Even with all these security considerations, it still has to be easy to use. Keep it simple enough for new customers to register easily and for returning customers to log in quickly. On your electronic billing website, consider where information is placed on a page and how much navigation a customer has to do to get to what’s important. Is key information on the first page? How much scrolling and clicking does your customer need to do to find out what they owe and when it’s due? Keep customer frustrations low by having a clear site menu and navigational elements that are visible on one page.

Join us next week as we continue this Customer Billing 101 post and talk about mobile apps.

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