Customer Billing 101

Customer Billing 101

Woman on phone with CSRThere’s a lot of talk these days about improving the customer experience. With fierce competition and lax customer loyalty, businesses have to work extra hard to entice customers and retain them. But improving the customer experience doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as starting with a clear invoice that allows your customers to easily receive and pay their bills and get on with their day.

When you are dealing with people’s hard-earned money, you can’t play around. Your credibility and integrity must come across in an instant for your customers to know your invoice is a legitimate transactional document. Your invoices must be clear, correct, concise, user-friendly and delivered on time. Don’t forget the benefits to your company of speedier revenue collection and reduction in calls to your call center.

Print and Mail, Electronic or Mobile?

It doesn’t matter how your customers receive their bills. Whether they stick with the tried and true paper bill or they want the flexibility to access their bills on the go, best practices need to be followed and a stringent process put in place. Mobile apps add another layer of thought and planning. Take a look at your bill from the user’s perspective. How does your invoice look when it’s pulled out of an envelope? Or accessed from a computer or a smartphone?

Print and Mail

Most likely your customers receive and open a lot of white #10 envelopes in the mail every day. Is your branding prominent? Do they instantly recognize your business from your envelope and invoice? Your printed invoice shows a lot of important information from the due date to amount due to messaging. Organization and clarity of that information is critical to readability, comprehension and payment response time. Use full color to make the biggest impact and create clear content boundaries.

Join us next week as we continue this Customer Billing 101 post and talk about electronic billing and mobile apps.

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