Four Easy Steps to Maximize EBPP Adoption

Four Easy Steps to Maximize EBPP Adoption

EBPP Adoption ChartElectronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) has hit the ground running this year as the percentage of households who use electronic billing is inching up toward the 50% mark. With that many users already on board, you have to raise the stakes in order to get to the next level of adoption.

If roughly half of all households are already on board with EBPP, what are you doing to convince the other half? Now is the time to get those customers on board once and for all with a kicked-up adoption campaign.

1. Make Enrollment Easy

Make sure enrollment is quick and easy. Got a mobile app? Easy sign-up and clear navigation for tablets, smart phones and PCs will keep them coming back month after month. Consider opt-in methods instead of opt-out. When they enroll in a new service or program, enroll them in EBPP and require them to opt-out if they don’t want it.

2. Use Your Online Resources

While the other 50% of bill payers may not be paying their bills electronically, chances are they are still accessing the internet. Use your online resources to educate these customers about the value of EBPP. Your website is a great place to start. Engage your customers through your banner on the home page, get their attention through full color messaging and images on your customer login page or dedicate a page to further explain your conversion plan. And, don’t forget social media outlets. Offer up positive EBPP statistics through your Twitter feed, announce a campaign on Facebook or discuss the advantages of EBPP in more detail on your blog.

3. Harness the Power of Repetition

We are all on information overload these days, so you need the power of repetition behind you to really get your message across. Don’t be afraid to use all of your channels to frequently communicate your EBPP program to your customers.

4. Sweeten the Pot

Coupons, credits and cash are all great ways to sweeten the pot and convert customers. Make it compelling and offer a discount or a special payment option if they make the switch.

While conversion to your EBPP program is easier than ever before, an adoption campaign is still necessary to motivate customers. If this is something you haven’t tackled in a while, you now have more resources to get your message across. Take advantage of the latest technology and online channels to promote your EBPP program and get more customers on board.

What do you think about maximizing EBPP adoption?

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