Back-to-School Marketing Starts with a Bang


Back to School with OSG

Back-to-School Marketing Starts with a Bang

It seems as soon as the last firework burst in the sky, the back-to-school marketing frenzy exploded with the same intensity. Why so soon? According to Advertising Age, back-to-school marketing is happening earlier than ever before. “It’s one if the most competitive times of the year for big retailers. They know consumers are on budgets, and they’re vying for those dollars,” says Kathy Grannis, spokesperson for the National Retail Federation. But wait a minute; you don’t sell backpacks, calculators, or sneakers? Just because your business’s products or services aren’t directly school-related doesn’t mean you have to miss out on potential back-to-school sales. Advertising Age tells us that back-to-school and back-to-college spending accounts for $84 billing in sales, making it the second-biggest season for retailers. Take advantage of it!

You already have an effective marketing tool at your disposal to offer back-to-school specials and promotions. The invoice you already mail out has great potential to communicate your products and services to your customers. Do you take advantage of everything it has to offer? Unlike other mail, your invoice gets open and read 95% of the time. Here’s how you can use your cost-effective invoice package to get in on the back-to-school spending season:

Full Color Messaging – Messaging on your invoice and outer envelope get your offers and your products noticed. Take advantage of the valuable space your invoice and envelope provides with dynamic messaging. Go one step further and target customers to provide one-to-one messages with offers that resonate with your audience.

Inserts – Include a coupon or referral, offer a special rate or simply educate your customer on your products and services with inserts. They are a cost-effective way to keep your customers invested in your business.

Newsletters – Offer a back-to-school newsletter to let your customers know more about your business and keep them updated on your upcoming fall promotions.

Take advantage of the valuable space your invoice provides to stay in front of your customers this summer. With the biggest spending season of the year just around the corner, keep your promotions and your business in focus. But don’t delay, this special time goes fast. Before you know it, you’ll be seeing pumpkins, goblins and turkeys at a store near you.

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