Part Two of our Take 5 Interview with Brendon Gory, Director of Client Implementation

Take5_logoWe continue our segment with Brendon Gory, Director of Client Implementation

4. With electronic bill payment and presentment on the rise, do you see common concerns that customers face?

Adoption is always a hot topic. Fortunately, there are a wide range of opportunities available to transition customers over to EBPP. An additional concern is security, especially in the financial services vertical. Financial data and email content encryption is very important. When we start working with a company, we meet people from many different departments (Marketing, IT, Accounting) all at once and the one thing that resonates with all of these departments is the significance of data security. It’s necessary to remain compliant and we offer a suite of product solutions to address this concern.

5. Is there any insight you’d like to share on what you’ve seen clients do right or wrong when it comes to invoice or statement development and presentment?

With all of the new technology and options offered for invoices or statements, such as color and graphics, there is a lot of excitement around the creative options that clients have to transform their documents. Sometimes, enthusiasm wins out and clients get carried away with too many messages and too much color. We’ve heard examples of people throwing their bills away because they misinterpreted the document to be an advertisement or a flyer soliciting business. The bottom line is our customers want to improve cash flow and get bills delivered as fast as possible so that they can get money back into the company faster. We don’t want them to jeopardize that by putting too much “fluff” on their document.

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