Take 5 Interview with Brendon Gory, Director of Client Implementation


Continuing our interview series that showcases OSG colleagues, Brendon Gory shares some insights on changes in our industry and how OSG has adapted to shifts in the marketplace over the years. Here is what Brendon had to say about his history with OSG and what he sees for our customers in the future.

1. How long have you been at OSG and what is your role?

I started as a junior-level developer. Today, I serve as the Client Implementation Director where I’m responsible for overseeing the analysis, project management and development for all new clients that do business with OSG.

2. You’ve seen a lot of changes at OSG over the years. What changes have you seen in the way invoices and statements are used?

Clients are increasingly focused on creating a positive experience for their customers. By providing services that make a customer’s busy life more convenient – like offering electronic and mobile payment solutions and targeted messaging – our client’s customers are more likely to remain loyal.  To enhance the customer relationship, more clients are taking advantage of our Campaign Composer solution which lets them manage media and promotion within their invoice or statement package.  Campaign Composer uses filters to ensure the timeliest and most relevant messages reach each of their customers.

3.  Where do you see the future of the billing industry headed?

I see electronic bill presentment and payment increasing more and more. We have some clients that don’t even want a printed bill, invoice or statement; they just want us to send their transactional document electronically. Also, the methods consumers use to pay their bills will be rapidly changing in the next few years. Consumers will rely more heavily on their smart phones and tablets to make payments and billing decisions as these devices become more popular than PC’s.

Please see the rest of this interview in our blog post next week.

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