Observe Earth Day Every Day of the Year

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Earth Day was officially celebrated earlier this week on April 22nd. But Earth Day is something we should observe every day of the year. “Go Green,” once a very hot topic that faded into the background during the recession, is now making a comeback. And as the economy slowly recovers, businesses are once again focusing on other commitments and concerns that are not always driven by the bottom line.

And from our perspective, we are noticing that it’s true. More and more, we are fielding questions about our environmental practices and how our technologies are designed to reduce our carbon footprint. We are acutely aware of the importance of taking steps to lessen our negative impact on the environment and are committed to sustainability. Throughout the entire workflow process, from the initial file upload to the actual presentment of documents, companies such as ours can lessen our carbon footprint and remain environmentally aware.

A good place to start is with the operating facilities. Alternative energy-saving solutions, such as low ambient air conditioning, high efficiency lighting, sensor lighting and more efficient printers help to ensure that we use less toner and less electricity. Plus, good waste prevention and management practices that encourage reusing and recycling are employed.

In an effort to use fewer resources per unit of output in production, we use environmentally preferable papers and ensure that documents are well-designed utilizing best practices to reduce waste. Strategic document formatting and maximized design can help to reduce the pages of a document by up to 48%.

In our industry, an important “Go Green” initiative is to offer Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP). When customers switch to electronic bills, statements and payments, the average household can save 6.6 pounds of paper and save .8 trees a year.

Celebrating Earth Day this week served as an important reminder that the small changes we make in our workplace today can have a rewarding impact on our planet in the future.

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