Stretching your Marketing Budget

stretch your marketing dollars

Looking to get more bang for your marketing buck? Stretch your budget with transpromotional marketing. Whether your customers receive their communications through the mailbox or inbox, integrating targeted and relevant marketing messages into your bills, invoices and statements is widely recognized as a cost-effective way to engage your customers. But it’s not just about the economical benefits. Transpromotional marketing also helps to retain customers, improve the customer experience and increase cash flow.

Retain Customers

Acquiring new customers can be a challenge but so is keeping your existing ones. Use your transpromotional documents for promotional offerings, new product releases or thank customers for their business on the outside of the envelope. Include an insert like a useful calendar or local football schedule to stay in front of your customer all year long.

Improve the Customer Experience

We live in world where information is instantly at our fingertips. Consumers want questions answered fast and problems resolved quickly. Use the valuable real estate your document provides to educate your customers. Explain the customer process, capture address changes or show customers how to read their bills on a backer or additional page on your invoice.

Increase Cash Flow

Improving cash flow and reducing DSOs is a priority for any company. Use transpromotional marketing to get paid faster. Call attention to due dates and payment amounts through colorful design. Or for ebill customers, announce your AutoPay option to improve payment consistency and end-user alerts and notifications to remind customers of due dates.

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