Marketing Through Your Invoice or Statement

Full Color Envelope Message

Cross-selling and up-selling to your customers through your monthly invoice or statement represents one of the most promising revenue opportunities for your business. Done right, you can expect incremental sales, greater customer loyalty and lower marketing costs. Here are some things you can do to market your business through your invoice or statement:

  1. Personalize messages. Take advantage of transpromotional marketing and craft one-to-one messages specific to your customers. Analyze customer transactional data such as types of purchases, payment history and demographic data and use it to promote new products and services.
  2. Incorporate social media. Think of your invoice as your monthly ‘meeting’ with your customers. Direct them to other communication channels to foster the relationship. Social media icons are easy to recognize and spur action.
  3. Add QR codes. Build interested and excitement by adding a QR code to your invoices and statements. QR codes add depth and dimension and can offer high-impact, colorful promotions to your customers.
  4. Use cross-channel marketing. Take advantage of all of the tools in your marketing toolbox and incorporate targeted and relevant messaging on envelopes and inserts as well.

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