Four Ways to Get More Out of Your Invoice or Statement

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Your invoice or statement is an important customer communication vehicle. Designing a well-organized invoice or statement leads to a better customer experience and helps you get paid faster. Here are 4 tips to get you started:

  1. Start with your branding. Place your logo and address header in a strategic location so your invoice or statement has your branded look to start the customer experience off right. 
  2. Use full color to improve reading comprehension. Color increases a reader’s attention span and recall by 82%. Bring your invoice or statement to life with full color so your important messages are not only read, but also leave a lasting impression.
  3. Have a clear remittance section. Highlighting the amount owed and the due date increases payment response by up to 30%.  Display this section clearly to get paid the correct amount on time.
  4. Include a summary.  An overview of your invoice or statement improves comprehension and reduces reader frustration which means fewer calls to your CSR’s. Design your invoice or statement so that it is well organized to improve the customer experience.

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