Part Two of our Take 5 Interview with Shannon Seastead, Director of Marketing and Communications


We continue our segment with Shannon Seastead, Director of Marketing and Communications.

3.  Where do you see the future of your industry headed?

Electronic billing and payment will become increasingly important. Initially, adoption of electronic billing was slow to gain momentum, but as new generations come into play, there is a big challenge to accurately meet the demand and market to customers across all generations.

Young consumers use the Internet to view, pay and store their bills and are increasingly using mobile options. Older consumers are computer-savvy but they are still more comfortable with a paper bill as a record-keeping tool.

As a marketer, you have to stay ever mindful of who you’re communicating to based on demographics and preferences, and how they wish to be communicated with and what channels they want to receive their information.

4.  What are some common industry concerns?

Reducing churn, losing customers, those are the big ones. Customer acquisition is important, but fighting to keep the customers you have–that’s where marketing expertise comes in to play. We help build brand awareness and loyalty through up-selling and cross-selling products and services, so our clients can continue to strengthen the relationship with their customers.

By focusing efforts on the customer lifecycle, you can make customers feel appreciated and understood. Consumers receive so many marketing messages throughout the day. Any message not 100% in line to what they need right now, just gets tossed in the garbage or deleted. Your message has to be relevant all the time.

5.  What insight would you share with someone interested in making the most of their invoice or statement?

Look at your bill, invoice or member statement as a powerful communication tool and don’t lose sight of its potential. It just takes a little more effort to put together a targeted marketing campaign but ultimately the positive impact and results a company will reap will make all the difference.

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