Take 5 Interview with Shannon Seastead, Director of Marketing and Communications


Take 5 Interview with Shannon Seastead, Director of Marketing and Communications

We are introducing a new segment in our blog this week that showcases some of the insight we have within the halls of OSG. Our Take 5 segment lets some of our esteemed colleagues take the floor and gives them a chance to answer five quick questions about the industry today from their unique viewpoint. We kick this one off with Shannon Seastead, our Director of Marketing and Communications. 

Part 1

1.  From a marketing perspective, what are some of the biggest challenges in our industry today?

Maximizing internal resources and ensuring outbound marketing messages are consistent, targeted and speak to the customer in a relevant way are big challenges I hear about over and over again. With resources so tight these days, there is an ongoing struggle with developing and executing marketing programs from beginning to end without getting sidetracked by other projects. Part of the reason my job is so rewarding is that the marketing team at OSG is focused on maximizing the invoice or statement as an effective customer communication tool.

2. What are your thoughts on transpromotional marketing?

Transpromotional marketing is nothing new to our customers and we work closely with them so they can fully embrace it and get the most out of the opportunities it provides. Understanding your customer data and defining where a customer is in their lifecycle helps in developing targeted messages. It also helps to design the invoice or statement in a way that a customer will not just read it, but get real value from it and that can help to increase overall satisfaction and loyalty.

Please see the rest of this interview in our next blog post.

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