Three Reasons to Offer Biller-Direct Electronic Billing


Three Reasons to Offer Biller-Direct Electronic Billing

Today’s busy customers demand choices and flexibility in billing.  Offering a biller-direct electronic billing solution gives customers a quick and easy way to pay their bills while keeping them invested in your business.  The consolidated method (where your customers pay bills through their bank) misses the mark for valuable customer interaction.  Here’s what biller-direct can do:

1.  Drive customers to your website.  Using a link through email delivery, your customers go to your fully-branded website to make their payment.  While there, they have the opportunity to see what other products and services you offer.

2.  Display your marketing messages. Customers that pay bills from their bank see only the bank’s marketing messages.  And you miss out on a valuable opportunity to directly communicate with each and every customer.

3.  Offer self-service capabilities. Does your customer have a question about their bill?  If they log into your biller-direct system, they can access an archived history and see actual invoices online.  Offering self-service capabilities cuts down on calls to your customer service rep or call center helping you reduce costs.

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